Rooms & Environments in SketchUp Pro


I use (and have used SketchUp for years) SketchUp Pro 2016 for my clients. But recently I’ve been creating rooms and environments in SketchUp and rendering in Chettah3D


Another one I haven’t heard of. Nice results.


Hi RTCool! Thanks for nice comments. Used to be able to get Chettah3D on the App Store…BUT not there now!:hushed:


it’s been around for quite some time, and the latest version has dumped the QT Framework for the latest apple AV library…



Ok, so, it’s a full 3D package, not just a renderer. Thanks.


yes, but it cheeper and more useful than many renderers…

a lot of people use it to animate their SU models…



Your modeling skills are amazing! Have you heard of They have lots of high resolution hardwood floor textures. Everything else looks extremely realistic. The clock, chair, and paintings are especially superb.