Roof Construction Concept Model

I never thought I’d post something this … sketchy (pun NOT intended, but it’s there!) anywhere on this forum, but a combination of two factors prompted this post:

  1. I needed to quickly convey what was in my head to the architect I found to do permit drawings of a small, detached cottage I’m about to build. It’s already permitted (so I need my Architect to draw up the details of the proposed change), and I want to change the detail of how the roof meets the wall - and how the eaves are supported - to make it very easy to connect the air barrier on the walls (Zip R6 Sheathing) to the air barrier under the finished roof (Zip 1/2" or 5/8" roof deck - with foam insulation outside of the air barrier).Doing it the “normal” way, with the air barrier UNDER the decking (perhaps even under the truss) causes lots of “fiddly bits” that are a PITA to be sure you’ve got a continuous air barrier.
  2. @Medeek’s offer of a 1 year extension on all licenses currently owned for anyone who posts a model USING any of his extensions between now and April 15th (Medeek Wall - #1433 by medeek)

So here it is:
Roof & Eave Framing.skp (500.6 KB)
Along with a quick and dirty Layout file to annotate:
Roof and Eave Support.layout (928.4 KB)
And finally, a .pdf export - because my Architect doesn’t use - or have - SketchUp or Layout!
Roof and Eave Support.pdf (130.6 KB)
OK. Since this is the Gallery category - and there should be SOMETHING visible, I’m embedding a screen grab of the model in Layout:

And to @Medeek - I used Medeek Truss to generate the trusses.

What I didn’t model was the walls the trusses bear on, nor the actual metal standing seam roof that will go on top of what’s shown, nor the stuff outside the wall studs that will continue up to cover the vertical ends of the trusses (Z R6 sheathing + some Hardie brand siding), nor formation of the soffit details, etc., etc. etc.). The purpose was conveying the concept to the architect of supporting the eaves separately from the trusses.

And I was a bit under the gun to get it to her - she just wasn’t grokking my verbal description!

I’ll be happy to discuss the idea - including filling in details I didn’t model - should anyone ask!


Excellent, and thank-you for sharing. Also thank-you for giving me your Client ID, that will make it easier on me to search for your plugin licenses and apply the renewal.

Client ID sent by PM