Right mouse click, selection box does not show up

Dear All, can please someone help me with the following → when I click on the right mouse the selection box doesn’t appear? How can I fix this? Your help is much appreciated, thanks in advance.

Kind regards,

What selection box? Do you mean the Context menu?

Hi Dave,

I mean when I want to place my multiple objects in a group for example, and click on the right mouse the context menu / selection box does not show up

Does holding Control while left clicking bring up the menu? Check to see that your mouse is functioning correctly. Try powering your computer off completely and rebooting it. Is the mouse battery powered? Is the battery low?

First of all, Dave thank you so much for your help! When I hold the Control en left clicking it will bring up the menu, lucky me. But when I worked this morning on Sketch Up with the mouse it was working perfectly. Maybe the mouse have enough of it, aarghhh,


Have you fed it recently?

Try the easy things first.

Reboot the computer. Power off completely and restart it. New batteries if it’s a wireless mouse with replaceable batteries. If you have another mouse, try that and see if it wants to play nicely.

I will follow your instructions, to restart my Mac. And if it won’t work then I think I have to buy me a new mouse. I wish you a very nice sunny weekend! Here in The Netherlands the sun is shining, so that’s the present of this day and of course your help! Kind regards, Giana

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Good luck and enjoy the sun.

Maybe the mouse is telling you to go outside and get some fresh air. :slight_smile: