Right-click menus pop-up offscreen with SU web

Fix the right-click menus so that they don’t pop-up off screen

What do you mean with “Pro-online”? SketchUp Pro is a desktop application. A SketchUp Pro subscription does include SketchUp Go, which is an online application…

https://app.sketchup.com/app is Pro online

No, it is not. It is SketchUp Free, unless you login with a subscription account, then it is SketchUp Go…

You are wasting my time by ignoring the different types of SketchUp and the fact that the right answer to your problems is dependant on that!
Don’t worry, I won’t waist my time helping you anymore…

I moved your thread to the correct category so the right folks on the SketchUp team are more likely to see it.

Show a screenshot of the context menu opening off screen so they can see what you re referring to.

thanks dave

Web browser things can’t reallly exist outside of your the browser screen and it exists as a literal window through which you are looking and operating a program though.

The solution is to work not so near the edges of your screen (or get a bigger window!)

Maybe SketchUp need to look at how this could be better

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not really – it wasn’t a problem before the latest update. it worked fine the past few years. the menu always recentered on the screen – now it starts where ever the mouse clicks and then unfolds off-screen

Like I said , it needs to be better :stuck_out_tongue:

When was the latest update?

it started acting up a few weeks ago

Can you please try again after refreshing the application? If you still see the issue, please let us know what computer are using, and your screen resolution. This is what I see when testing on 1280x720 - I see the full menus, nothing is cut off.


Wonderful – the right-click menu is centering on the screen and working properly again: