Right Click Divide Function for SketchUp Go

When sketching dovetails on SketchUp Go, I have been using the tape measure tool and the protractor tool. I tried to use the right click divide tool to mark guides evenly spaced along the base line. It allowed me to go as far as inputting the number of divisions. But nothing happened. I am able to go stubby pencil, but shouldn’t have to should I?

Right click divide will break the edge into segments, not create guides. To make multiple guides you would make an array.

I learned about using array when making the back of a cabinet. But that was for making more slats for the the back. I didn’t know array would make guide points.

Dividing the edge will create endpoints along that edge, if you move along the edge with the pencil they will highlight when you get to them.

If you want full guides you can array like this.
Guide array

Or guide points like this.
Guide points

Thank you, Box. I see what you did. I’ll try it tomorrow.

Works great :smile: Thanks again, Box.