RfE: configurable Purge Function

to avoid destroying e.g. a layer structure by purging empty layers the purge function in “Window > Model Info > Statistics > Purge Unused” should be configurable concerning the entity types which should be purged (checkmark for every entity type, default all on):


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That would be a good idea. Of course TIG’s PurgeAll allows that already. At least it allows one to select the various categories that can be purged.

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If the dialog was just a bit larger, the 4 specific purge buttons would fit below those already present.

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I guess the OP is suggesting that it should be a built in function and not one requiring an extension.

Components can be purged from the component panel, materials from the material panel, layers from the layer and styles from the style panel. I don’t know if it would really add anything to also purge them separately from Model Info.

That would mean there are 5 different purge buttons. For new users that don’t know what these different entities are this can be quite confusing, especially for those of us who didn’t speak English when starting using SU. (Also making the window bigger is probably a bad idea as the layout of all pages would need to be adjusted, but that could be solved anyway by instead making the statistics area slightly smaller)

If more intricate control of purging is added to Model Info, I think no new elements should be added to this page, but that Purge Unused should open another window with check boxes for different entity types, similar to the Scene Update properties. Also trailing “…” should be added to the button to communicate that no action is carried out directly when pressing, or in other words, that it is a safe button to press. There is no need for the weight of these additional elements to be present already on the Statistics page. These options only apply once the user has decided to purge.


no need for extra buttons or a dialog, something like this:


That is an extra column with 17 additional input elements. That is quite a lot of additional weight to the interface, not very differently from 4 new buttons. Also only 4 of these categories can be purged, meaning it would be a vrey odd column with that is only used for a handful of the rows. Furthermore it can be mistaken for an action being carried out directly when ticking a checkbox, as the checkboxes don’t have a visually strong “field-submit” relationship to the Purge Unused button.

everything true but 4 additional checkboxes seem not to put very much additional weight to an already existing user control.

Keep in mind that when the user see that window (s)he has to scroll down to see that there are checkboxes to check. On the Mac they aren’t even visible, you have to scroll anyway. I vote for a extra item in the left table named ‘cleanup’ just for cleaning, or just rearrange the view and make the dialog bigger. Also good for the other stuf in that window.
My feelings about the SU/LO dialogs/inspector windows are most of the time way to small. Look at the preferences window, its so crammed.