How to slim down a very fat file?



Over the last weeks the file for my model of houses has grown, due to numerous changes and experiments. Now, the response time for actions and the long time it takes to save changes is getting very burdensome.

I’ve tried to delete extraneous and no longer needed elements to no avail.

Is there a process, procedure, or tool that can remove all data not in the current model? I really don’t want to re-do everything and make a ‘fresh start.’

Any help will be gratefully appreciated.

Using SU Pro 2018 on an iMac running High Sierra

Rachel in Brooklyn


Yes, there is! Go to Model Info > Statistics and then select Purge Unused


First step: Window>Model Info>Statistics>Purge Unused.


There is also a very good simple extension called “PurgeAll” that makes the process very quick, I use it with nearly every save


TIG’s Purge All is definitely handy. It does the same thing as Purge Unused in Model Info>Statistics but it can also give you a report of how much stuff has been purged. I use it frequently and have a keyboard shortcut set for it.


Works like a charm . . . Thank you !!!


Excellent! Worked very well. Thanks !!!