Reversing or flipping a copied and moved object

Proper sequence for using Flip Along, according to Aaron.

  1. Highlight geometry
  2. Right click geometry
  3. Hover over Flip Along
  4. Think hard, then choose Red Axis
  5. Swear softly to yourself and click Undo
  6. Reselect geometry
  7. Right click geometry
  8. Hover over Flip Along
  9. Try clicking Green Axis
  10. Mutter, “First Try!” and carry on

@TheOnlyAaron I’m glad you got the Undo in there, that’s the crucial part. :smiley:

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Step 0.
If unsure which way to flip along, go into component/group edit to have a sneaky peek at the axis orientation. Then hopefully you can choose the right axis to flip along and skip the soft swearing step?

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I do this “softly” thing only when others are present.


If you flip raw pancakes along blue they end up sticking to the ceiling, a perfect recipy to swear louder.

Flipping along an axis means that the other two axes form the mirror plane.

…or while live streaming!