Reuse/repeat guideline distance

After I enter a guideline distance and hit enter to place the guideline, how can i reuse the distance already entered to create another guideline elsewhere in my model? Thank you!

If you do not do anything else in between the two actions, it should ‘remember’ the last input.
If this don’t work for you, it might be that you did not install using ‘rightclick on the installer file’ method…

Thanks for your reply. I know I am overlooking a basic concept here.
Let’s recap what I’m doing…

  1. Click on Tape Measure tool,
  2. click on an axis (as an example) and drag in the direction where I want the guideline,
  3. type 12" (for example).

Result: Guide line appears in the correct place and 12" is showing the value window.

I don’t know what to do next to create another guideline 12" from the first.

Thanks for your patience.

Try this:

  1. Click on Tape Measure tool

  2. Click on an Axis, drag in a direction, then click again!

  3. Type 12’’ , then hit Enter.

Now, the offset is remembered.


I am not sure if this is the intended behavior, or the method you described…

I usually just “float” the guide then enter the dimension which doesn’t remember the dimension setting. The method by @MikeWayzovski above sounds suitable.

You can select the guideline, press m to move, ctrl key to modify behavior of the move tool, type the distance, return key and then type 4x (or x4), then return key again (this is if you want to repeat the process 4 times, you can change number).

But this method have some odds for guidelines, as for example you cannot scale them, but you can if you do it individualy.

Now I get it! Similar to AutoCad offset dimension repeat but in a way I wasn’t expecting. In my work I am given center of wall to center of wall dimensions and the wall thickness in order to draw a wall. Your suggestions fit my requirements perfectly. Thanks very much!

This isn’t currently supported by SketchUp. You have to take a de-tour through move tool.

However, since drawing a guide line in itself can be seen as copying a geometrical line a certain distance in space, the Tape measure tool could very well be updated to support this functionality directly. This has been asked before and I think it is a feature a lot of people are trying to use already as it would be very intuitive to do so in SketchUp.

doesn’t @mariocha extension F3D-Offset Line work with centre lines?


I can’t resist commenting that you may save time by not placing so many guides. If one guide is giving the wall, then why not draw the wall next?

Eneroth3, we can’t do this with lines either which is a functionality I’d like. For offset objects and offset lines from any object (including guides) I am used to CAD providing multiple presets.

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Building along path from Profile builder is also a possibility…
With the ability to change the parameters/or even assemblies of walls is even more productive IMO.


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This extension, now part of mc-F3D, works with a line that is an edge of a face, to make an offset line on that face.
There is an offset.rb on smustard that could be turned into an extension, I think.