Retaining cylindrical wall shape when intersecting perpendicular cylindrr

I am hollowing out a section of tubing with another section of tubing, by intersecting it at a T. I don’t want the protrusion, but rather a clean face with no excess. I ALSO want to hollow out this smaller tube without deleting the larger tube face.

Select the surfaces and run Intersect Faces>With Selection. Then delete the unneeded edges and faces.

When I need to do things like this I tend to not be stingy with the extrusion and make it plenty long which makes it easier to select and delete the waste.

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I try that but it leaves a skeleton of lines, and no perfect circular imprint on the tube. I THINK it’s got something to do with the tiny scale used.

In which case you would scale up, say 10x, perform edit, then scale back down.

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