Resizing PDFs imported into SU

How do I accurately resize a site plan PDF in SU? I can select a building footprint and the resize command, but even if I hold the SHIFT key while enlarging, it DISTORTS.
Also, I am not able to make a GROUP of the plan in order to trace over it. How can I trace over the site plan, including contours and building footprints?

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I am guessing that your imported file is at the moment an image. You could try exploding it to make it into a face.

I would use the Tape measure tool to resize: Measure in the image a feature that’s real length you know. Immediately type the length and click OK in the dialog that asks if you want to resize your whole model (or, if you are inside a group or component, the current editing context).


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Since it is a PDF you imported, it must be that you’re on a Mac.* If it was imported with Use as image chosen, you won’t need to make it a group nor explode it and make it a group before tracing over it.

As for resizing it, I would draw an edge along a line whose length you know. Then measure that line with Tape Measure tool making sure you click at each end. The Measurements box will display the current length. Type the length it is supposed to be and hit Enter. You’ll be prompted to resize the file. Click Yes and you’re on your way.

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The Tape Measure tool works best.

Having modeled ~800 3Ds from 2D plans consisting of imported images, here’s what works for me.

Since SU for Windows cannot import PDF directly, I open the PDF file in Acrobat and export a JPG image.
The JPG is then imported into SU as an Image, not a texture.

If the import involves several images, I use TIG’s Import ALL from Folder plugin to import all in one go.

Each image is then made into a Group with this plugin by Matt666: Component/Group tools v1.1

Each group in turn is edited, scaling the image within the context of the group, thereby limiting scaling via the Tape Measure tool to just the individual image and not the entire model. Upon closing the group, it’s locked to avoid inadvertent moves.

I do not explode the image because I want it to remain visible at all times while modeling.
Images remain visible when editing other groups while materials are grayed out.

Thanks very much.

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Thanks Dave. Worked well.

Happy to hear it.

I should have added that after you’ve got the dimension correct in one direction, you should check the other direction. It’s not unusual to run into out of proportion images. If that’s the case with your image, you can adjust the scale in the other direction using the Scale tool.

Thank you again. I still run into distortion issues when I use the SCALE tool. Even using the SHIFT key when resizing it is still erratic. Suggestions?

Use a side handle, not one on a corner. You should only need to use the Scale tool for one direction if you need it at all. Use the Tape Measure tool for resizing in the first direction. If you need Scale for the other direction, don’t hold any modifier key. You can place a dimension on a line drawn in that direction so you can see the dimension change and no need to calculate. Just make you select all before using the Scale tool so the image and the line with the dimension get modified together.