Reshaping cubes etc


I’m trying to reshape a cuboid rectangle. What I’d like to do is use the move tool to grab one of the top edges and then lower the height of that edge by about 10 - 20cm but using the cursor this is quite clunky because it can veer off in all different directions in 3D space.

It feels like there must be a way of locking the movement into the vertical plane so I only move the edge up or down?

I’ve attached a screen shot to show what I mean. It’s a little retaining wall that I’d like to zig zag a bit vertically, so one corner is 10cm higher than the previous, the next 10cm lower again etc.


There is. Use the Up arrow key to lock the movement in the blue direction.

That will work on its own provided you aren’t doing something that would require the face to break. If it does, you either need to add a line where you expect the face to fold or hold Command to activate Autofold. Be aware that Autofold may break the face where you don’t want it to.


Ah brilliant, thank you so much! This community is awesome! :slight_smile:


As an additional technique to @DaveR 's post, I also sometimes create a guideline (depending on the condition), and follow it with the move tool.


Ah, yes good tip thank you I will do that too!