How can move an Object on zero elevation of y-Axis?


Hey Everyone!
I’m new to Sketch Up. I got 2d drawing of a city and before I start to ad 3d Models I want to set the drawing onto the zero point of the y axis. It seems to be on a higher elevation. Can somebody tell me how to do it?

greets, Anni



Is the drawing flat and you want to move it to Z=0 or is the model 3D and you want to flatten it all?

If it’s flat and you just want to move it to Z=0 (The Z-axis is the blue one, Y is green.), get the Move tool and grab the geometry, press the Up arrow cursor key to lock the move into the blue direction and move the cursor over to the origin. Click and release to drop it.

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Thanks for your quick reply!
It is supposed to be flat, but there are apparently some artifacts wich make it 3d. Is there a way to select all lines and set them on one elevation?



Also I have an other problem, maybe you can help me with that as well.
I want to shift an object upwards by its own height.
Is there an easy way to do it?



You’re quite welcome.

You can use an extension such as TIG’s Flatten to Plane to do that.

Yes. You can do the same thing I suggest in my first reply. Grab the object by a bottom corner with the Move tool. Hit the up cursor key, and move the cursor to a corner on a neighboring group. Or assuming you know its height, start moving it in the blue direction, let go of the mouse and type the distance of the move.