How to set entities to a specific elevation (z)

Hi folks. I was wondering if there is a trick or a existing plugin who could put a selected amount of entities to elevation 0 (or a set elevation). This feature would be useful to me when I create structural alpha-numeric grid. I tried the plugin FLATTEN but it redraw lines on the ground but doesn’t move the group/components.

I know I can enter data like [0,0,0] when I move something, but can I affect only the z this way? Something like [,,0] ???

If not, perhaps a plugin could do it. I would expect this kinda behavior:
1-You select something (all kind of things),
2-Click on the plugin SET Z,
3-Enter the elevation you need (in my case 0), then acadabra. everything goes flat as a pancake!

Any idea?

I made a plugin recently that projects selected edges to the Z=0 plane. However it doesn’t work on groups/components. You’d need to enter the groups/components, select their content, and then project. Or use move tool.


Do you want the entities in the groups/components moved to elev 0 or just the group/component itself?

There is a few plugin outhere who works with Edges. Eneroth-Flatten-plane, TT Flatten or Sam D Mitch Move2Elev… but no one does what I have in mind. I just want to be able to move anything to a specific Z. This is such a simple think to do if SketchUp would give us control of the X,Y, Z of everythings, just like most Cad software. In Autocad per example, I would accomplish this by selecting multiple then typing: CHANGE/Properties/Elev/0 enter When things was getting too serious (involving 3D polylines), I was using a LISP called CHZ20.vlx who was basically puting every single thing in the drawing on z:0 So basically, what I’m looking for is a CHZ20 for SketchUp!

Until then, I have to create a surface on ground zero, then move on blue axis everything one by one to snap the surface. There MUST be a way to do this in one click! no.

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I’m trying to remember, doesn’t somebody have a plugin call gravity or something? Takes a bunch of stuff and moves them till they hit a surface?

Hey Mitch! Good to hear from you.

That could be an option, like a check box saying: INCLUDING NESTED OBJECTS?

That sound’s good!

Is this stuff coming from AutoCAD? If so, couldn’t you prep the stuff to elev 0 in ACAD before import?

no, otherwise it would have been very simple!

To move a clicked point to z=0, enter [,,0] (or [;;0] if your locale uses “,” as decimal point). It’s the same logic as typing 3, or ,3 when you are creating a rectangle and want to accept the mouse position for one dimension but force the other one to an exact value.

In SketchUp Pro, you can set up a plan view, parallel projection, and export a full scale 2D image to DWG and re-import that back into SketchUp.

That is a bit drastic. The Ruby code is rather simple. I just posted an example.

Thanks Dan & Eneroth, I got what I need in two clicks (2 plugins). I use Eneroth Flatten plugin than Dan ruby scrip, then everything goes like pancake! Thank you.

Of course Julia, if you have in mind to do a new version of your Flatten plugin, feel free to include Dan’s script. If you do, keep us informed on this thread. CHEERS

Yes, and also perhaps a command that uses an inputbox for a specific elevation and not just the ground plane.

I have quite a lot of projects going on right now and don’t know if I’ll have time to revisit the flatten plugin anytime soon.

I think such an option is redundant. The inconvenience of having to scan and skip the inputbox in the majority of uses outweighs the benefits of having this built in, rather than performing a subsequent operation with move tool.

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