Request for the next update

hi all

i’m using SU2020 pro on PC

could you make the window setting resizable ?
the window to select a fonction ( to bind it to a shortcut ) is really too small



That’s actually true for a lot of such scrollable windows where you often can’t see enough of it to make a sensible choice. Just the same on Mac.

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On Mac I can see the full length of all lines, but in case not there is a column divider you can move to give the shortcut letters less room and the menu item more room.

On Windows you have a horizontal scrollbar, so you can move over to the end of the longest possible menu item text.

This isn’t to say that a resizable preferences window wouldn’t be useful.

Don’t forget to use the ‘Filtre’ option too. If you can reduce the list to only ones that include the text you’re looking for, you should find the right line quickly.

One example when opening a drawing in LO:

thanks you for your answer Colin.
i knew all this tricks.
please forward my request to the coder’s teams. ( please, please; please…)

and have a nice day :vulcan_salute:

That does happen, but Show Inspector takes you to the references list, which has resizable columns.

hi, here it’s a other issue with windows size
when i’m turning in or out an Extension
i can’t resising this windows and i Don’t see ( correctly) the button " apply modification"