Layers window size problems


The layers window can’t change size so I can’t see my layer names fully and the dashed line causes the visibility eyeball to go off the screen. Small issue but kind of annoying. I would like to be able to drag the name bar to be bigger.

Mac OSX here.

First point to make is that this is not a Technical Problem. It is really a Feature Request and so should probably be moved to the right category.

Second point is that I agree it would be nice to have more control over things like that but I suspect it is to do with Macs and their limitations for developers.

There is a lot to do with the Layers Panel that could be improved. An All On and All Off switch for example. The ability to have sub-categories. The ability to roll up some parts to take up less real estate. Etc. Some of this is possible with extensions.

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Generally done with the shift key.

Do you mean by selecting with shift key and then toggling? If so, then yes, that’s what I do. But not quite as easy as a single button to do it in one go.

I know, I know, I have a bit of a thing about small “improvements” like this that most people think unnecessary gilding. But I am sure if you did a time and motion study, reducing extra clicks for very common tasks would make a difference overall. We’ve exercised the lack of a single copy command in the past…

the ‘cut off eyeball’ is certainly a ‘bug’ and I can’t replicate on my mac…

@gracel, what happens when you resize the panel, does it fix the issue…

@simoncbevans, can you replicate the ‘cut off eyeball’ ?

Resizing individual columns isn’t currently possible and could be a Feature Request…


If it were windows I would suspect it to be a scaling issue. What monitor and what display settings are used?
@simoncbevans : if you like little improvements, you can now sort by color on Mac…


haha yes now in fact that I’ve resized it, it won’t let me size it below that.

The cut off eyeball is done by making the window small, then changing the default line to the dotted line.

Btw now I can no longer size back down at all to the smaller size I had the sidebar at, even with all the settings at default. So I can’t replicate my own bug either

@MikeWayzovski I am on an iMac (21.5-inch, Late 2013), my resolution just says ‘default for display’

the minimum width changed for v19 to accommodate ‘dashes’, but you possibly had a narrower setting inherited from v18 that somehow ‘stuck’…

a single click on the corner ‘triangle’ may have been enough to reset it, but dragging it seems to do the same…


No. Always visible whatever I do to resize the dialog box.

I cannot reproduce that myself.

Jack, you can sort by any of the columns except the last one. Though why sorting by colour is useful I cannot imagine.

if you assign colors to groups of layers, sort by color can help make fast selections for turning all of those off/on…


As @john_drivenupthewall says: It will add another ‘workaround’ for the missing feature:

So you could have two ways of selecting across the whole set of Layers.
One alphabetically, one by color (All Layers that have furniture or are meant to be demolished, etc.)

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