Make the window for managing keyboard shortcuts stretchable

Please make the keyboard shortcut management window expandable. I don’t know if it’s Windows only, but the list of features is too small. You have to scroll in all directions, it’s not practical, you get lost!
And as a bonus, having a tab with all assigned shortcuts.

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Am I the only one bothered?
Thank you for giving your opinion!


There is an extension to list all shortcuts. It is called shortcutsV2 by Tig hosted at Sketchucation.


No you are not, this has bothered many people for many years. And it’s not just the shortcut window, there are various windows with unhelpful max sizes.


Open Ruby Console
Copy-paste this into it and hit Enter (Return)

Sketchup.get_shortcuts.sort.each{|s| puts s};nil


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Thank you Dezmo
Not finding the TIG plugin, I looked at the API doc, and saw this method.
Does it exist when reading?
No way via the API to define a shortcut?

I would like to see the Preferences window sttretchable for setting shortcuts, too.

As for seeing the existing shortcuts there’s also My Shortcuts… in theSketchucation Tools. You’ll have that if you are using any of Fredo6’s extensions like FredoCorner, FredoSpline, FredoTools, etc.


Sorry, I don’t really understand what you mean.
You can keep Ruby Console open while are you open setting for your shortcuts.

Short answer is: No way.
Longer: Actually you can create your own Tool using its own shortcuts, but that will not change the shortcut we are talking about…

You can export your current shortcuts to a file:

then you can import it to other Computer, or same computer newer SU version… etc

BTW2: Actually that file can be modified/created by Ruby code, but I never thought about that before… :blush:

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Thank you Dezmo
Translation mistake
I wanted to write “It exists only in read-only mode?” speaking of the “Sketchup.get_shortcuts” method!
You answered it indirectly!
I will see how the export comes out!
thanks again

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It is the same on Mac.

I second your demand.