Request for Help: Adding "Right View" to View Toolbar in SketchUp 2023

Hello SketchUp Community,

I hope you’re all doing well. I’m currently using SketchUp 2023 and am having trouble customizing the View Toolbar to include the “Right View.” I’ve followed the usual steps, but I seem to be missing something, and I’d appreciate some guidance.

Here are the steps I’ve attempted so far:

  1. Opened SketchUp 2023 and an existing project.
  2. Accessed the View Toolbar (located at the top).
  3. Right-clicked within the toolbar area to access customization options.

However, I couldn’t find an option to add “Right View” to the toolbar. I believe it should be there as it has been in previous versions of SketchUp.

Can someone kindly provide me with step-by-step instructions or guidance on how to add the “Right View” or customize the View Toolbar in SketchUp 2023? If there have been any changes in this version, I’d greatly appreciate any insights or workarounds.

Thank you in advance for your help. Your expertise is invaluable.

Best regards,

Do you have the “Views Toolbar” enabled? It is in there and bottom has been added.
Did you install SketchUp by right-clicking on the downloaded folder and selecting “Run As Administrator”? If not do so and choose the repair option.


Are you using Mac as your profile insinuates or Windows?

View>Toolbars is a Windows thing. On Mac it’s Tool Palettes. Which operating system and what are you trying to customize?

In either case the Right view is included in the Views Toolbar/Tool Palette. If Windows, you can reset the tools on that toolbar as @dezmo shows. You can also create a new custom toolbar that includes the Views toolbar buttons. On Mac you can Customize Tool Palette and drag the views buttons to the top tool palette.

I have created a custom tool bar on my PC which includes the Views tools along with Face Style and a few other tools. This reduces the real estate consumed by spacers and tools I don’t need buttons for.
Screenshot - 9_22_2023 , 8_51_29 AM

I mostly use WIndows 11. But I also use it on a MacBook. This the setup I have always used.

I wanted to customize the View WIndow but it seems the right ICon has magically appeared. Adjusting to the new icons. Still there is no option to add or remove oneof the views. I know that this is the first time I have ever seen the bottom view in the View Toolbar.


You can only add or remove buttons with the View>Toolbars window open. If you want to remove toolbar buttons, just drag them off the toolbar.

It used to be there wasn’t a button for the Bottom view but other users requested it so it was added.

Add that information in your forum profile along with the graphics cards and SketchUp version.