[REQ] DWG and other Vector formats import and management in Layout

Hi guys,

DWG Import into Layout opened up some possibilities, but what we can do is still too limited into creating a couple of scrapbooks.

We want to use it for real DWG import and overlaying drawings from engineers, to be able to coordinate our projects. However, to be able to do that it still needs to be improved and coupled up with a few more vector formats:

  • We need to be able to view/control layers in the inserted DWG file, from Layout;
  • It would be very useful if we could insert vector PDFs and SVGs too. Most of the sharing people do these days is via PDF, as they don’t want to share their CAD files because they really are the basis of their work. For illustrators and visual artists of all sorts SVG seems like a good format and it complies with internet standards. It would be great to have it as an export format too.

Some side functionality that is greatly missing in this regard:

  • Ability to control SKP viewport layers in Layout;
  • Ability to control SVG and PDF layers too.
  • Some sort of style by layer feature or some other way of setting up styles globally on pages/document, instead of the point and click styling that we have right now. It’s impossible to style an import as complex as a CAD file right now, and that would be also true for SVG and PDF files if they could be imported.

This doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be there even if we can’t control layers or styles… It just means it would be much better if we could also control layers and styles.

How a CAD import looks in Layout:

How it looks in CAD:


SVG export and Import please!

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Agreed! It’s on the request too, though it should be clearer.