Import vector images (either static or editable would be nice)



I would like to import vector images for symbols, logos, etc. right now if I make a symbol like a square box with an S in the middle, the invisible hit box for the text layer messes up my selection process for other items and sometimes the text does not scale nicely with the graphic. The text needs to be vector lines (it will never need to be edited again) for this purpose. trying to redraw bezier curves for even simple fonts like Helvetica is maddening.


Yes I would second that. Vector files import would be great.

Layout should include the import/export of dwg files as default. I’ve only just started using Layout and am very surprised that it doesn’t deal with dwg files, especially since Sketchup Pro can. Accuracy of imported raster images can’t be trusted and can’t easily be scaled accurately as far as I can tell, so having the ability to import an elevation for example straight in would save a fair bit of file conversion and faff