How can I import vector drawings, such as symbols and logos, into Layout


How can I import vector drawings, such as symbols and logos, into Layout


There’s no direct vector import options listed in the Insertable file types for LO. You could import the vector drawing into SketchUp and insert the SketchUp file.


I was successful in copy-pasting from Illustrator, but the graphic came in as a raster image. I was hopeful that LayOut would support the WMF format that the Windows clipboard uses. There is no Paste Special command with the ability to select the paste format.



thanks for the suggestion Dave but that will not bring bezier curves into layout. hopefully sketch allows for this function in the near future


the closest workaround I can come up with is importing PDFs of the items I need but I’m not sure if its coming in as raster or high pix raster, anyway it works for printing but just can’t be modified


So bottom line is I cannot import a Vector Curve in to Layout from any software -

going via SU only brings in segmented lines

This is a major gap in Layouts capability

I don’t understand GOOGLE / TRIMBLES business logic regarding this reluctance to import vector files

and hobble LAYOUTs flexibility like this.

I can’t believe they think they will lose customers if the allow vector imports - and I am not just talking about DXF/DWG… how about SVG / WMF …


GOOGLE doesn’t have squat to do with this.And Trimble isn’t reluctant to import vector files into LayOut. It takes time and people to add features to a program and ensure that their addition doesn’t break things. Vector import is a feature on the list to add. They have to work through it.

Where did you get that idea? It has no basis in fact.


Dave - LAYOUT was introduced when GOOGLE owned SKETCHUP, so of course they had involvement in the initial design strategy, the target uses and the implementation.

TRIMBLE inherited LAYOUT and although progressively improved it, the basic capability of importing a vector file has never been addressed,

SU does not support mathematical curves, so there is no way I can import a native vector curve via SU into LAYOUT.

They don’t need more time, Hell ts been over 5 years…

Even powerpoint can import SVG files…

I posted a long time ago to GOOGLE when LAYOUT was first published that if they had just pushed the ease of use and intelligent simplicity of SU into LO as a 2d equivalent they would have an AUTOCAD killer…

Yes, I can live with all the limitations of importing linework via SU despite the cruelly inefficient process, but I cannot get around the problem of LO not importing a vector curve.


even WORD2016 can

LAYOUT is graphic layout software - IT CAN’T !!!

The developers approach to LAYOUT almost seems perverse,

why the different interface from SU?

why different key sequences to achieve the same results?

why introduce an API [with a lot of fanfare] and nothing results ?

why is this most basic of vector capabilities missing?

How anyone can defend or make excuses for this gaping lack of capability in a LAYOUT package is beyond me!


+1 for vector image support. â– â– â– â–  near deal killer for me.