Creating Vector image from dwg created in Layout

I don’t even know how to search for this topic so apologies if this is the wrong place to post. I’m creating my own logo and created an icon in Layout (not in SU). Is there a way to turn it into a vector image from Layout? I’m thinking not but it’s worth asking. With thanks for any ideas.

Export to DWG, DXF or PDF.

You have to render your viewports as hybrid/vector if you rely on SketchUp geometry.

Layout tools will draw in vector and export always vector too. All except pattern fills, which will export vector lines with raster backgrounds/fills

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Hi JQL. Unfortunately, I created the icon in Layout, not in SU. So I don’t have the option of choosing vector rendering.

Then you have no issue. Have you tried exporting it yet?

Yes, in .dwg, .pdf, and .jpg formats.

Jpg is not vector, I think you know. But both dwg and pdf should be. Import those exports into compatible software and you’ll see.

Thanks, JQL! I think my graphic designer will be able to work with it in that case!

Speaking as a graphic designer myself, your graphic designer will most likely redraw it anyway and doesn’t require the vector artwork :slight_smile:

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Well, I would sack my graphic designer for duplicating work… just export as PDF and import into graphics software… I used Coreldraw and now use Affinity Designer… (significantly cheaper)…

Also LAYOUT should have native SVG non proprietry vector export / import

Harsh! I’m only speaking from 20+ years of professional experience as a graphic designer that most client-provided art is usually only used as a guideline. No reason to fire the guy for improving on it :slight_smile:

Anyway, I made a quick drawing in Layout and exported a DWG. It imported into Illustrator perfectly as vector artwork. Should be good to go with this process.

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“exaggerating for effect” but nevertheless… speaking from 35 years of managing large architectural office and managing consultants I abhor wasted duplicate effort… have no problem with improving though… PS, I had success exporting as a PDF and importing into Affinity… But my complication is I really want to get my vector line work into Powerpoint and so I then need to export from Affinity to vector export as SVG…

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My “graphic designer” just informed me she doesn’t have software to do what I need so it’s a moot point but thank you all for your thoughts on this. Sounds like she’s not a real graphic designer which would explain the low quote I got from her.

Wow. If your designer isn’t using Adobe CC (or an equivalent) and can’t edit or create vector artwork, then definitely find a new one :slight_smile:

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Even I can edit vector artwork and I’m no graphic designer. Hire @monospaced here or introduce inkscape to your graphic designer.

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Thanks Monospaced. I’m working on that!

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I’m on it! Thanks again JQL

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