[REQ] Optionally export DWG to model only

Sorry guys, I love the way Layout exports to DWG work now. I think they need improvement but are imho much better than before.

Unfortunatelly, my consultants think otherwise and I can’t stand them anymore. They need every Layout element, like texts, dimensions and leaders, as well as the title block in modelspace instead of the nice and tidy way you have now.

Sorry, but the CHSPACE command seems to be unavailable for some CAD systems and honestly, I use Layout, I don’t have Autocad so I can’t do it myself…

I want to keep using Layout and keep autocad away from my harddrive, but you really have to help me achieve that! :wink:


Probably the greatest issue we have right now is dealing with text formatting:

I will also take a deeper look at dimensions and leader formatting, though that hasn’t been a serious issue so far for my external collaborators.

I imagine that to be a bigger issue for people who want to develop their concepts on Sketchup but then work on CAD for permit and construction document drawings and take advantage of work eventually produced in LO already.

I think people avoid LO altogether, because of the incompatibility between LO and CAD at this level. Most people I know of simply ditch away SU+LO at these stages.

That is not my case as I also carry those stages in LO but on permits stage, here in Portugal, we have to deliver dwf file formats with standard CAD layers and that is a real pain in the neck at our office.

EDIT: I must say that this permits stage has been greatly facilitated with LO 2017, it’s not perfect yet but thanks!

I’ll get over that too as soon as I have a chance.

Draftsight has the “CHSPACE” command and it is free and a perfect alternative to Autocad [Actually I think it is better}

Draftsight is not working in my PC. It keeps needing to activate…

I’d like to have that CHSPACE command though it seems useless as long as Texts are being exported by LO as they are now:


We have the same problem. While I initially thought that the separate exports to model and paper space would be easier for our consultants, they ask for everything in model space. I have been using 2016 to export everything now. Optionally being able to export everything to model space would be very helpful.

just register and activate - it is still free

Yes I know, I followed every procedure, registered and activated, but it still keeps asking me for activation. I’m not the only one having this issue there’s a whole group of users having these issues with Draftsight and NanoCAD is much more than what I need.

Forgot to say the most important: thanks for your suggestion!

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alternatively you might want check a similar AC clone as the (commercial) CAD.direct from DXF/DWG guru Kazmierczak (U$ 399.-/Lic. / 14 day trial avail.)

Thanks for the suggestion too, but nowadays I use CAD just to clean up my LO exports, review consultant work and cleanup DWG imports into SU.

NanoCAD has a very nifty select similar objects that is great for me to clean the exported leader’s polylnes from my LO area tags. These are supposed to be invisible (and they are in LO) but export as visible leaders into CAD, ruining the drawing.

I might also use it to plot DWF files when needed, but I often use DWG Trueview from Autodesk for that.

So, for what I do, anything that is a bit more than a viewer is enough and NanoCAD is much much more than a viewer. I could actually fully work in CAD with it… fortunatelly I don’t! and I run away from CAD as fast as I can! :smile:

[quote=“JQL, post:1, topic:44236”]
Sorry, but the CHSPACE command seems to be unavailable for some CAD systems … so I can’t do it myself…[/quote]

But which can bed done alternatively with DraftSight as well as the mentioned CAD.direct (based on IntelliCad engine).

I know it doesn’t have CHSPACE command, but I personally don’t need it. Only my consultants do and they have autocad. Thanks for your suggestion anyway, I’ll consider it if I need it.

[quote=“JQL, post:12, topic:44236”]I know it doesn’t have CHSPACE command, but I personally don’t need it.

seems to be in contradiction to your:

and the DraftSight program installation.



We can discuss what I said to that extent of detail, but I see no point in it.

However, it doesn’t mean it isn’t fun to discuss it… so:

I’d like to have an air balloon, but I don’t have money or time for it, and what I need is a car.

So, there is a difference between needing and wanting.

Wanting to have the CHSPACE command is not the same as needing to have it.

What I need is to have a very basic CAD solution. NanoCAD is a very complete solution already, without CHSPACE but with everything else I need and much more.

I used to have Draftsight on my old computer running smoothly but it no longer works on my new one.

I could buy another software, even cheap, but it would be a waste of money as I don’t actually need it and my desire for it is not that much.

With the same money, depending on the place you live, you can do a lot.

However my team needs the CHSPACE command somewhere in the process. Now, my consultants work with AutoCAD as they feel they need it.

Even if I think, (from what I see from their drawings), that they would be better off with Drafsight or the software you suggested, because they are definetelly cheaper than ACAD and they do only very basic stuff, they already have the most complete solution available.

So, in my team, we have the needs covered, and I’m not going to create a lot more entropy by telling them about Draftsight or something else.

They can fillet, offset and draw the lines they need with it, and they have CHSPACE. We are happy.

We could be happier without the text entanglement caused by LO though…


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