[REQ] Export to DWG with correct CAD formatting for texts

Following on this topic:

I’ve got a consultant saying that the CHSPACE command isn’t working because when it’s applied to texts in paperspace it sends them to modelspace but shrinks them to a point where they are read as a dot in paperspace.

As I don’t have autocad, I cannot verify this, but I have NanoCad5.0 and used to work with AutoCAD exclusivelly (back in the days where everything was dull) and I can tell that the texts Layout outputs are, simply put, wrongly formated in respect to AutoCAD standards.

The exported text in AutoCAD is formatted by character, inside each text/mtext element while in CAD it’s always by text style. By formatting the text by character it cannot be manipulated without specifically editing each text element. So, the standard way CAD users have to manipulate text fails.


I have a text element which font type is Bebas Neue in Layout. When I export to DWG what I get is:

  • A text element in paperspace exactly the same size, color and font I have in LO (I could also export the text color as “By Layer” which is a good option);
  • A text style called Bebas Neue in the CAD file, which font is Bebas Neue but the size is 0 and the scale factor is 1 and has no oblique factor.
  • This text style is applied to the text element in the CAD file.

This all looks good BUT:

  • If I change the text font in text style it doesn’t affect the element.
  • In fact if I change ANY property of the style it doesn’t affect the text or any other in the drawing.

This is TERRIBLE. But there is more:

  • If I cannot change these text elements in text styles I try force changing them through the CAD properties tray so I can override the text style by text element.
  • Nothing happens again…
  • I can scale the text in text styles by 100 or in object properties and nothing happens.

This means that the text formatting is being imposed into each character inside a text element and this… is a Nightmare to change.

Basically, if consultants want to change the text scale they have to do it manually, by editing each text element one by one, selecting all characters inside, and remove formatting.

So, my consultants are absolutelly right.

My DWG output looks exactly like I want it to and as close as possible as Layout’s. But it’s a mess to work with. I have yet to verify, but I believe this is also happening with leaders and dimensions…

This should be changed, even if the output isn’t looking exactly as in Layout and the fix should come ASAP or people trying to use Layout in an integrated and colaborative workflow are simply put, creating unmanageable output that hinders everyone else’s process.

Maybe the issue is on Layout’s side, that has no concept of global text style. This concept is present in software like CAD word processing, CSS style sheets, etc, but Layout is instead treating every text character as a single entity.

We also face these issues when working with Layout. I work with only two text fonts in my drawings but if, for any reason I want to change them in my layout file, it’s a nightmare to solve. The same nightmare my consultants are in right now.

I’m sorry to be so blunt and insistent, but I think this is a matter of utmost urgency.


Hi JQL and thanks for bringing this to our attention. I have captured this and have it on our list to fixes.

The problem is as you had touched on, with a formatted character within the text. This is causing the issue when the font is moved from paperspace to modelspace as well as the reason they are not able the change any part of the style. This effects texts boxes only MText and Labels in this case but not Dimensions.

I have provided a workaround and have outlined it below. Though not ideal, you may pass this onto your consultants for the time being.

Work Around:
1)Open the exported LayOut file in AutoCad or equivalent.
2)Type Style and set the desired Style
3)Create a sample text string somewhere in the paperspace using the set style. (This can be Mtext or standard Text)
4)Explode all inputted LayOut text and Labels (not dimensions)
5)Type MA (match properties) and use the sample text string you had created then select all the LayOut text and Labels.
6)If you have multiple lines of text that you want to convert to MText, use the txt2mtext command and select the desired text accordingly.

Now changing space and setting a global style will work within your dwg file.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Hi Trent,

I hope this will be fixed but in the meantime your workaround seems the fastest solution available.

Thanks for your input,


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