Reporting a Problem I Need Help

Why is this report wrong … I do not understand


Share the SKP file, please.

For this model, thank you for your help
2018-007 Pihatto.skp (2.0 MB)

The problem has to do with the construction of the Dynamic Component. If you explode it then the block (Betoniantura) shows with the correct dimensions in the report.

What do AP, h, and YP represent? I’m trying to understand what you’ve done with the formulas for those values. I think there’s a better way to make the component work and give you the expect results in the report.

ok thought so
AP = Bottom of foundation
YP = upper surface

Maybe @pcmoor would have a better suggestion of how to handle constructing the DC. It seems to me you need to add formulae to the components Betoniantura for the size and to HPM - Pultiryhmä for the position based on the thickness (Z) of the block.

The “out of sync” scale is not uncommon, you need to force the values from the subs up, size and position. Otherwise to create a " in sync " model one would always return to a rest position where all parts are as originally drawn, no changes via formula of the original grey values, alterations are done in this state, then you can expect the scale to match.
The decision is yours, either way works, each has its own advantages

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