Replace Material Feature Request

In the Materials panel, when right-clicking on a material, the current options are Remove, Edit, and Duplicate. I propose adding a REPLACE function, wherein the specified material and all its instances can be replaced. Upon clicking on REPLACE, a Finder (Mac) or Windows dialog box is invoked, and the user can choose an updated file. Once a new file is chosen, all instances of the original material are removed, and the new material is applied to all objects. An optional dialog box can allow the user to choose how Sketchup replaces differently sized incoming textures, Fit Proportionally, Scale Proportionally, etc. Additional functionality could be to add an option to choose another material when deleting a material. Right now, when you delete a material, it’s just a warning that “The Material is being used” and give you a Yes No option to replace with default material. Proposed functionality is to add two options when deleting: REPLACE with EXISTING and CHOOSE FROM FILE.

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Have you tried ThomThom’s Material Replacer?

It’s available for free from the Extension Warehouse and replaces all instances of one material with another (using an eyedropper tool).

Material Replacer 1.2.0:
[Extension | SketchUp Extension Warehouse]


Yes, I’ve tried it, but this requires the other material to be in the document. My need is for a templated workflow where everything stays the same except for one material, as that new material is generated by another department… I’d like to be able to choose the next material in line and export, as files can quickly get bloated when single use materials are loaded in one after another.

If you have the images already set up you should be able to replace one image with another by editing the material. No extension or new feature required. On the PC it looks like this:



This isn’t ideal if you want doing things for rendering - as the material Id remains the same and your other material properties (normal maps, height maps etc) then persist.
I have to use the material replacer fairly often for this traps

That’s perfect, and exactly what I need, but the same “Browse” function is missing on Mac.

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On Mac, there is a menu to say where the material comes from. One option is Load, and choosing that does the browse function.


If it were a snake, it would have bit me. That’s exactly what I need. Thank you!

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Now I’d like to ask if we could add the “Load” function to the menu flyout when right clicking a material. :smiley: