Material change by a right click

I’d like to suggest selecting a material change by a right click on a currently used material. This would be so much easier than using the material menu

Can you explain a bit more ?

How would your “feature” work ? Would we just right-click and shout the name of the material we want ? Would we “think really hard on the bluetooth frequency” and SketchUp would read our thoughts ?

Yes I’m kidding.

But really what is it you you are right-clicking on ? The “used” material in the “In Model” collection ?

What happens after your “Magic right-click” ? How will the user select some other material ?

And how will this be better than just picking a new material from the Material browser, and painting the object ?

Do you realise that you can use [shift] with the paint can tool and it will change all the textures with the one you are on?

(And [ctrl] will change all the connected textures of the same type)


It’s not what I’m suggesting, but thanks that sounds cool.

As I had said, you never were clear in the initial post specifically how your proposed feature would work. I suggest editing the initial post to add the scenario and explanation of how the user would use or interact with the proposed feature.

Without specifics Bob, it is unlikley to be considered.

And please read …
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Are you saying there is a native tool that does what the material replacer tool does.

ThomThom’s Material Replacer extension ? Not quite, that implements a 2 click tool, where pick 1 is the material to replace, pick 2 is the new paint material.

The native Paint Bucket tool works the opposite. The first pick chooses the new paint material. (Either by choosing a swatch in one of the collections, or sampling a material from the model by using the ALT modifier.)
The 2nd pick makes the replacement based upon the material that the bucket cursor is over. Using the modifier keys extends the replacement in several ways. As @gadget2020 noted using SHIFT will replace all matching material assignments in the current context.

Both can replace multiple material assignments, but as said they work a bit differently.

ThomThom’s tool can have a shortcut assigned to it’s menu item. (Tools > Material Replacer)

The Paint Bucket tool already has B as the shortcut. HIt B
tap ALT, pick the replacement material in the model,
tap (or hold) SHIFT and pick an entity with the material to replace.

Both can be done in 2 clicks without using the Materials inspector panel (if the replacement material is in the model.) If the user needs to select a new material not yet used in the model, then:

  • the Materials inspector panel must be used to set the painting material from a local collection
  • ThomThom’s Material Replacer extension will not help in this scenario