Replace a texture in the whole scene

Good morning,

I modeled a wooden cabin by applying the same texture on each board separately by shifting the texture so as not to have the impression of repetition.

Now that I have an overview, I realize that the chosen wood is too dark.

Is there a way to change a texture while keeping the texture mapping coordinates? Ie change the texture in the whole scene just by changing the texture image used?


Look for ‘Material Replacer’ plug-in. Be sure what you replace with has the grain going to same way.

You could also edit the texture you already used to lighten it.


Sorry, I took a little time to test and reply.
It’s work’s perfect with Material Replacer :ok_hand:

Thank you.

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So you’re not using SketchUp Free (web)? Please update your forum profile. That information helps us help you.

Done !