Editing textures

If you want to edit a texture, you have four tools you can use.

Say you have some timber siding which is natively horizontal and you want to make some areas vertical. You select the rotate tool to do that. The problem is that you use the same tool to change the scale. So what I want to know is if there is a simple way to ensure you only rotate and do not change scale?

Texture > Position > Rotate > 90

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Doh! Why had I not seen that before? Ta.

Here’s another question about editing textures.

In this extract, you can see that I have used two textures, one for the ground floor doors and another for the first floor siding. The ground floor texture is flat and the colour and grain represents oak. The texture above has prominent shadow lines built into it. As both elements may be made of oak, I want a similar colour (and ideally grain but not so important) for the siding. How do I get them to match whilst retaining the shadow gaps?

I’d edit the material that needs adjusting in an external image editor to more closely match the other one. If you’ve added an image editor in SketchUp’s Preferences, you can open the desired texture and make the edits. When you save and return to SketchUp the material should update.

Trouble is, I’m rubbish with image editors. I used Gimp to get it to the sort of tone that looked right, imported it, then applied it. But as you can see, the applied colour doesn’t look much like the swatch. Not sure what I am doing wrong.

Apologies if this is a stupid question… Using the lighter colored wood texture and rotated horizontal doesn’t give the look you want on the second floor ?

What I have done with the doors is to just draw in lines representing board divisions. I could do that with the siding but it would be quite a faff and doesn’t really give the impression of shadow lines.

Share the model and let’s see what we can do with your textures.

Sep 22.skp (13.8 MB)

Which texture do you want to match?

I like the oak colour I have for the ground floor doors and would like to replicate the tone at least in the first floor siding.

Alright. Lets see what happens.

Close enough for government work?


Wow! So fast. That would do very nicely thanks. How do I get it?

Sep 22 dr.skp (13.1 MB)
Here’s the edited file.

An officer and a gentleman. Ta muchly.