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Coming in from Rhino (and I believe Maya has it too, etc) there was a way to call-up the last-used tool/action. In other words, if I were to draw a Line, and then end it. Then I wanted to create another line, is there a way of calling up that Line tool without having to click “L” or select the tool on the toolbar?

Obviously, I’m hoping this exists for the ability to call up ANY tool and/or action. (In Rhino, it would even be used for “Save” or “Print” etc/)

(And no, I’m not talking about the ol’ double-click to repeat the Push-Pull distance or anything. Though that’s a great thing)



Hello! Nope :slight_smile: you’ll have to retype each shortcut. Maybe someone can make/did an extension? I don’t know!


The line tool already stays selected, but if you want it for all tools try Eneroth’s Tool Memory:

(I haven’t tried it myself)


I seem to remember that in AC you simply hit the space bar to repeat the previous command. Very handy.


it is, since some AC shortcuts can be more than a key (usually 2 + enter), but as for sketchup, most of the default shortcuts are just one so I’m not really feeling the need of it :slight_smile:


By default the Line tool continues drawing edges until a loop is closed. Then it stops and you can immediately start drawing again.

You can stop drawing edges without completing a loop and without changing tools by hitting ESC. No plugin required.


Yeah, that’s what I mean. I’m going to try that extension and report back, thx!


Understood. But to not confuse the issue for those following this, I’m talking about calling up any tool or action after you’ve gone back to the simple select tool, with one key stroke.


I was responding to your original post.

I’m curious about your work flow. I just want to understand. So you’ve drawn an edge with the Line tool and then you get the Select tool. What happens next?

Is there something saved by using a plugin to call the Line tool again over hitting L?


Indeed, as I can’t see what shortcut is more useful than a keyboard shortcut (also using Rhino FYI)


Dave, I think the OP’s main issue was in his first line. I assume he was just using the Line tool as an example.

Having been used to the convenience of hitting the space bar to repeat operations in AC, I do miss it in SU. The great thing about the spacebar is that it is big and you can hit it without even looking, unlike individual letter keys.


Ah… I understand. It’s a training issue. :wink:


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