Repair scaling and printing crashes



Shetchup creashes when I try to scale from a full size drawing to HO (.0115). When I try to print to scale the box that displayes mm,cm.inches or feet is blank. when I try and choose one it crashes. This was working fine during and after the trail period but started acing up last week. The scaling going first, I ran your system check program and it said I had plenty of everything including the graphic card.
Do I need to reinstall? How do I reinstall?

Thank you


Have you installed new extensions?


Did you right-click the installer and choose “Run as administrator” when you first installed ?
If not, do it again and this time choose the “Repair” installation option.


I have no extensions added.
I reinstalled the program and it now lets me print to scale But I still can not scale my models.
I have to scale at Shapeways.


Dan it was working when I first installed it and then stopped. I did reinstall and I can scale to print on paper now but I can not scale the model…


Is the program in ‘Perspective’ mode when previewing the model? If not, switch to ‘Parallel’ projection before previewing.


When I reinstalled the program that fixes the printing to scale. And when I made my model a component I was able to scale to HO (…0115). Thank you


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