Rendering with Adobe Dimension

This is a model I created with SketchUp Free, online version, and rendered with Adobe Dimension.

Version with math paper image under:

It’s annoying that the pencil sharpener looks like it’s floating in the air, but anyway…
Any suggestions on how to make it look better, more realistic?


In Dimension you can expand the model in the Scene panel, use the visibility to hide and show things until you are sure you have the sharpener selected, and the use the Move to Ground button to move just that part of the scene to the ground.

If you could add your model to a reply I can try to show you what I mean.

Very nice render :+1:

I’m pretty sure that the sharpener is on the floor, as it was the first thing I did to use ‘Move to Ground’. Here’s a link to the model (pretty messy):

I guess it’s an illusion. Here’s the picture with the pencil raised a bit. The sharpener looks on the ground, but now I’m noticing a white line to the right of the left pencil. If I zoom in there isn’t really a white line there.

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Probably an artifact of the rendering algorithm and its lighting model.

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It’s not noticeable when zoomed in. I think that the tail off of the shadow is enough darker than white, that the abrupt change makes it seem like the part not under the shadow is brighter that the part slightly further away from the shadow. The shadow could feather better.

If I use the screen eyedropper and compare the RGB value of the brighter looking part against the pixels to the right of that, the values are the same, or the pixels to the right are slightly brighter.

Do you think using a ‘better’ renderer, like V-ray, would get rid of such problems?

They use similar rendering techniques, but may do a better job of shadows. You could compose the picture slightly differently to avoid the problems. Also, give the ruler some thickness.

I am rendering a new version that uses softer lighting. Will add that when it’s ready.

It’s got something like 1 millimetre, but you’re right, I should have put more; it looks completely flat on the render.

Interesting, I didn’t tweak the lighting but just went with the ‘normal’ lighting.
I did have to drop the general light for the render with the maths under, as otherwise the picture underneath was saturated and spoiled.

Had some trouble with the lighting, so I tried a different environment. The sharpener is more successful.


There may be some optical-illusion effects in the human vision system that cause us (you and me at least) to see a slightly brighter boundary.

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If you add the .skp file you might get some renders from different engines to compare.

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Here goes then.
There’s two set-ups, the one near the origin of the model is the one I imported into Dimension. Ignore the compass that I’m working on, hopefully I’ll add it into the scene once I’ve finished it.
Rendu Crayon (1).skp (2.8 MB)

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Different scene, with more realism on the eraser and thickness on the ruler.

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I feel sure most renderers will let you play with the materials. Adobe Dimension is no exception, and even has Substance materials.


Good ideas! I like the look of the glass pencil. Probably wouldn’t be very practictal, but looks great.

It would have the world’s shortest pencil lead.


Here’s a new version with the finished compass. I realised that the scale of everything was wrong, now it’s more real-life size.
I’ll have to wait until Monday to get a bigger image of those maths.
Rendu Crayon.skp (3.0 MB)

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