White patch invisible with move tool

Hi there

I’ve discovered a new anomoly (is that a word??). Im just redrawing a component and when I use the move tool some of the model disappears as though there is an invisible object hiding part of the view? I haev some things hidden but nothing that could be disguising the model?

I’ve added a screenshot just showing the top half of a tower how the top section has been obscured???

Any thoughts?

thanks in advance.

Looks like clipping to me. That’s not a new anomaly. It also looks like you are working with the camera set to Parallel Projection. Set it to Perspective and hit Zoom Extents. Also make sure the model isn’t at a great distance from the origin.


Amazing. Thank you! Was exploring Layout yesterday and must have left the persepctive off.

What does clipping mean? just out of interest to understand why it happened. Presuming its not just about the perspective?

It’s complicated but think of it as you’ve managed to get the camera in so close that some of your model is behind the image plane. It’s easy to do when you use Parallel Projection. Do your modeling with the camera set to Perspective and you’re less likely to have the issue.

FWIW, it can happen in Perspective mode, too, but it’s much less likely.

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