Rendering software for landscapes

Dear all,
I have this design of a road and a few bridges in a landscape that I need to render.

The purpose of rendering is just to show the road in a real way with some cars and people, add some trees and vegetation in the specified polygons and water/mountains.
The lighting, shadows and all the beautiful details that interior designers achieve are not required for this project.
I know all rendering software can achieve this much, however, since there are many options available, could you suggest me what is my best choice here in terms of price and being easy to learn to deliver a render fast to my boss? Thanks

Without this you can make everything in SketchUp without additional plugins.

If you need something more and have time to learn try Vray if not try Enscape. Both rendering engines have license for 1 month.

The is also Twinmotion and Lumion. Easy to learn but not sure about their prices.

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Twilight Render Hobby - free!