Rendering a long road

Hello all,
I have designed this 3.5 km road and I need to render it. It has many ups and down and since it was based on Autocad designs, I have problems zooming in and out (it disappears while zooming) which makes it difficult to move over easily.
I have a NVIDIA Quadro P400 graphic card that apparently is not enough for software like Lumion or Vray (I tried them but have problem even opening the model).
I want to render some images of the important parts of the road (viaducts etc.) and an animation flying over the road zooming on important sections. I don’t need very realistic lights or details, I just need to roughly present and idea of the road when constructed. Which plugin in SU I can use to give me fast results? Thanks

When you say it disappears, I wonder if you are experiencing “clipping” (see passim on this forum).

You can use Sketchup to add shadows, alter style, and create a fly-by. It won’t be photo-realistic and as you admit, you may not have the computing power for that (plus learning curve and maybe cost of a dedicated rendering package).


Twilight Render (Hobby or Pro)

Simlab Composer (Lite or Pro)

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