Rendering settings in SketchUp Make?


I don’t find the “rendering settings” icon or function in SketchUp Make… I’ve seen in several youtube videos the icon of the render as well as the “rendering settings” pop-up, where you can locate a file to show some results (e.g. surface temperatures coming from EnergyPlus software), but most of them with SketchUp 8 or SketchUp Pro…

So is that function implemented on Make version or I need to go for the Pro version?
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Sketchup does not have a rendering function. There are some rendering packages that can be installed and have a toolbar inside Sketchup. That must be what you have seen in your examples.

Thanks @ely862me !
Following your answer I’ve seen it was the “render by data” function of the OpenStudio plugin for SketchUp.
However, I’ve read just now that this function was deleted 1 year ago from the OpenStudio plugin…
As I need that functionality, I would look for some alternative to that “render by data” function (maybe another software!!)

I would like to help you but I don’t know much about this kind of renderings. Maybe you can find an older version of the Open Studio plugin ?
Maybe you should start a new topic with your question.