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New to the community and not sure If im in the right place but here goes.

Very little experience with Sketchup but my former colleague has left and I’ve been asked to render oout number of views from a model we have.

I have the original Sketchup file and the previous Jpegs which were outputed but don’t know which render program was used or the process, is there a way of finding out so I can output to a similar style?

It’s not likely that you would be able to tell which renderer was used just by looking at the images. Is your former colleague’s former computer still in the office? Can it be accessed by your IT people to determine what rendering software was installed on it?

If your stars are properly aligned, the colleague might have saved a working file from the rendering program which would give you a starting point for new renders.

Hi Dave that’s what I thought. File was in a Dropbox folder, he was working from his own laptop so no chance of finding it.

On that note, any recommendations for a 1 click render software that would save a little time? Something with a small learning curve.

I could re-render the old views so they all look the same.

There are a bunch of rendering extensions for SketchUp. You could look at the Extension Warehouse (in the Window menu) and try some different ones. I use Kerkythea which is not a one-click solution so I’m not the best guy to recommend that sort of thing.

grab one of the Attribute Reporter extensions and see if his renderer ‘tagged’ the file…

or post a skp file here…


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