Rendering in sketchup pro

Hello everybody. What visualizer program is used in sketchup other than vray. When buying a pro version, which renderer will I get. Or will I have to buy it separately? Does the pro version have a standard visualizer program? Sorry for my english if so

There are many different rendering applications available.

There is no rendering application included with SketchUp Pro. As you were told in one of your previous threads, Vray is included with SketchUp Studio.

If you buy the Pro subscription you can choose whatever renderer you want to use. It will, of course, be at an additional price.

Do a search for renderers to find ones you might want to try.

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So you’re not just aimlessly searching the internet and to save you some valuable time - We use Enscape in our building and interior design business and we think it’s pretty neat!

It is quite user friendly and does not require the same level of expertise as VRay. I will admit that I’ve seen extremely good VRay output however we really don’t have time to focus on that. Enscape does everything we need and does it fast.

It can export 2D images, video and the best part - you get to walk through your model live at pretty much the same quality level as render output, make changes to your model and materials and see it update immediately - perfect!

Here are some examples from a project of ours:


Very nice! I’ve had sucess with Enscape for interiors, but if the view includes a window the exposure is washed out or too dark on the interior. How do you manage that? Would appreciate if you would be willing to share some of the Visual Settings for exposure, illuminations, highlights/shadows, etc.

Set the sun brightness to about 20%. Boost your interior light (artificial in settings) a little and then use increased exposure for internal to external viewpoints. You’ll notice the exterior landscape is quite overexposed. I try to just keep some detail without completely blowing it out.

You can use a pot of rendering engines with sketchup, sadly it doesn’t come with an native rendering engine, but there are tons of them compatible with sketchup, from free to very expensive. Some rendering engines like twinmotion or lumion have great exporting tools to work simultaneously on both softwares, vray twilight or thea, have plug-ins for Sketchup to render in the program, and every rendering engine can achieve different results. I have a plugin called sketchFX, it works together with ambient occlusion, and you can make “artistic” renders with it, like watercolor style or pencil, but better than the artistic ones included on sketchup.

It’s easy to make your own to use in SketchUp, too.

thanks for the info. Interesting

You will need to drop the sunlight to 5% and, most importantly, add fill light. On YouTube, search for Mostafa Lamey, Modulus Render, and others that go through this process. It is really easy and quick.