One Click Renderer

Hi Guys,

So previously asked about any good renderers for sketchup and received a few good responses.

I recently upgraded to Sketchup 2017 and I am looking for a good rendering program that is simple and easy to use. A one click program where I wont have to go crazy trying to change all the lighting settings and materials.

Anybody have any good ideas? Something that has nice realistic images and not the sketchy type like the FX plugin

I’d say Visualizer for SketchUp but it’s a closed book already, despite that it’s free. “One-click renders” presume your final product will look mostly un-photorealistic because… well, it’s “one-click” basically.

Still, Brighter3D seems to promise “easy ways” to render a document and they have a free version as well.

You could also check Fluid Interactive’s Ambient Occlusion plugin which is probably your best match in this search. They have a 15-day trial.