Rendering quality through Vray

Hello everyone!

My office is trying to make the switch from Rhino to Sketchup. We are an office run on mac and are very attracted to using gray (which we cannot use in Rhino for mac) However, I’ve followed MANY tutorials on how to increase quality for gray renders in sketchup and I continue to get pixelated graphics.
I have made a test model, just three massings, trees and people. I’ve attached the settings I used in vray. Unfortunately I can only upload one photo as a new user… but the image I get from sketchup, just one scroll into the image and you see pixels.
Can anyone help me with how to make better quality renders? Nothing fancy, just crisp images.

Thank you!

If you have the 3.6 vray, you would see under the quality renderer setting, a Denoiser tab. You should make that on and it would clean the render.

Look at attached pic![IMG_3884|374x500](upload://xA2yjqDiomD6MsSHvI20QP13KS8.JPG)

15 AM

I am not sure why it isn’t uploading

Here you can find more information about Vray. You can find also sample files with Vray settings

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