Rendering a specific room throws "Cannot allocate buffer of size" exception

Hello everyone,

I’m currently encountering some challenges while rendering a particular room in my project.
My current laptop specs are as follows:

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050Ti 4GB
Intel Core i7 7700HQ @2.8GHz

Whenever I attempt to render it, I encounter an error that has become quite familiar to me - the “Cannot allocate buffer of size” exception. Typically, the size of the buffer falls within the range of 600 to 900 megabytes. I have included the project file and a screenshot of my settings below. It seems to me that the issue lies within the room itself since I haven’t encountered any difficulties when rendering the kids’ bedroom; it renders smoothly without any problems.

I have made numerous attempts to resolve this issue, exploring all relevant forum topics on the matter, but unfortunately with no success.

My .skp file - Upload Files Easily | Fast File Upload and Sharing Up To 10GB
Settings -

That kind of sounds like you are running out of memory - your GPU only has 4GB.

You should try switching over to the CPU renderer instead, rather than CUDA

Yes, I’m aware that the GPU is most likely part of the problem but I’m encountering this issue only in the bedroom which makes me think that there’s something there that bugs everything. Also, I’m using CUDA with my GPU and CPU selected.

The error that appears to you can be from a single object or material, but rather from a number of existing problems in your model:

  • elements located at a great distance from the origin;
  • a lot of wrongly oriented faces (white should be outward);
  • many unused components and materials but remained in the model because you did not purge them;
  • what you created (walls, floors, etc…) you did not group and remained loose geometry;
  • you probably imported components from the 3D Warehouse directly into the model you are working on without checking and cleaning them first;
  • try to import light models, not high poly.

Correct them and most likely the error will no longer appear and you will also have a correctly created model, which will help you to render it faster.

Ah sorry, I didn’t realise it was something in the same model.

Probably a texture or object that is harder work

In addition to the issues that @mihai.s points out, you might give some thought to cleaning up your model. I fixed incorrect tag usage and purged unused stuff from the model. This helped to lighten it up by about 60%.
Screenshot - 6_15_2023 , 6_31_12 AM

Screenshot - 6_15_2023 , 6_32_00 AM

Another couple of views showing face orientation that needs to be fixed.

Looks like there’s a number of things located at a great distance from the rest of the model that could be cleaned up.