Rename a Group?

I cannot rename a group in the Outliner or Context Menu. The only choices in the Outliner are Insert or Save AS, and there is no Rename option in the Context Menu.

This file was created in SU Desktop for Mac and Opened in SU for iPad. The group was created in SU for iPad.

Use Instance Name in Entity Info

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Ah Haā€¦ Thank you.

Iā€™m new to SU iPad. Has anyone noticed that tapping in a text field with Apple Pencil will bring up the menu for the abbreviated Keyboard and Microphone? Taping with the Apple Pencil or finger will do nothing. To rename the group, you must use your finger in the text field and the large keyboard.

If you tap in the text field with the pencil another menu should appear bottom right that has a Hide/Show keyboard option. If you show keyboard it will pop up as needed.

Yes, that bottom right menu pops up on my iPad, but nothing appears when tapping a choice with a pencil or finger.