Can't Rename Groups in Component Window

When I Right click on a Group in the Component Window the dropdown menu appears with the choice of “Rename” but when I click on that it just goes away without letting me type in a new group name. If I double just click on the name itself it lets me start typing a new name but reverts to the old name after I start typing. I am on the trial version of SU23. On a Mac.

Groups don’t show in the Components window. Only components show in the Components windiw. You can rename In Model components in the Components window by selecting them and typing the name in the field at the top. That can also be done in Entity Info for In Model component and groups… Can you show a screenshot of what you are seeing?

First of all, you must be talking about the Outliner, not the Components Window. As @DaveR noted, Groups don’t even show in the Components Window because they aren’t Components. And there is no Rename on the right-click menu there.

In the Outliner, Groups do show up. They have a solid square before their names. However, unless you give a specific Group instance an instance name via the Entity Info, they all show up as just named “Group”. And when you have named an Instance, that name shows up in Outliner.

This is different from Components, which have a quad of black squares before the name and show both their definition name and instance name, both in Entity Info and Outliner. In Outliner, they have the format “Instance Name <Definition Name>”.

For both Groups and Component Instances, what you affect by the Rename menu is the instance name. You can change the Component Definition name via Entity Info, but Group definition names are not accessible or changeable.

See the attached screenshot, where I have given one Group an Instance name via Entity Info, and another an Instance name via the Outliner menu, and left a third with no instance name. Compare with a Component, which I gave both definition and instance names.

Screenshot 2023-04-20 at 3.19.37 PM


Thank you all very much! And yes I was wrong in my terminology - I meant the outliner window. Doh!

I think I get it better now. I am basically wanting to export to Unreal engine and would like to know which groups are which when they are imported so I am trying to go back through and rename all the groups I created when modeling in Sketchup.

Again, thank you for the advice! Much appreciated.


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