Group Name edit from Outliner, and a bug in entity info

Hi folks, Wouldn’t it be handy to be able to edit a group name right in outliner rather than toggling to entity info?

I think I saw in one of the iPad tutorials that a major goal of SKP for iPad was to have utilization in the field, ie; using minimal inputs. When changing an instance name for a group in Entity info, I’ve noticed that I have to hit the return key (probably not going to using a keyboard while perambulating a job site) in order to make a name stick, which seems contrary to that goal.

I wonder if it would be possible for the return key functionality in this case to occur by simply selecting a different entity, or just exiting the instance’ context?

And therein lies the bug: If I forget to hit return, and select a new entity, the instance name carries over to the new entity and sticks to it, but not the original entity! If this is a feature, please enlighten me…

Thanks and best

You can do it, not right click but press again into the text…

You are in a [SketchUp for iPad] category…

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I’m referring to SketchUp for iPad.

Sorry @dezmo and @inferential1 I answered without reading the category… forgot my message. Should I delete it, or is better not?