Removing lines from base of cube also removed walls

Hi, I drawn a rectangle, offset the edges of the rectangle to create a smaller cube and then pulled up the offset portion to create a cube. Pretty simple so far.

Now when I view the cube from the bottom I see 4 lines which I then deleted.

but this then removes the inner walls

Is this expected? I’m trying to make a model of my house by drawing out the basic floor plan and then pulling up the walls.

Any advice would be welcome pros

Here is my sketchup of my house. As you can see from the bottom it has made a bit of a messHome.skp (329.5 KB)

When pp make sure you hold the ctrl down so face is also made at start

Yes this is expected, you deleted the edges that form the walls.
Try pulling up the floor to give it thickness before you offset the walls.

Cheers guys. Giving the floor a height worked perfectly :slight_smile: