Removing GeoLocation Ping From Model

Does anyone know how to remove the geolocation ping from a model? This seems to be a new feature in the recent versions of SketchUp as i have not seen it before. I’m using v2023.

When i export as an image a black dot shows up where the ping is on the model. Right now i am editing this in photoshop but would appreciate a way to turn it off?

Thanks for your help.

View menu and at the bottom, you can uncheck the pin.


Wow super Easy! Thanks @ateliernab

I created a forum account just to say thanks for this. Thank you!

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Any way to set both the Location Pin and True North features to ‘always off’, as a general setting for all files? Turning them off via the menu as suggested certainly works, but when I close a file and reopen it, the pin and true north are there again. I find myself turning them via the menu every single time I open a file now, which is getting old…

well there is a reason why it’s still a beta extension and not the official tool yet :wink:

right now, it turns the pin on by default. it’s not linked to the template or anything. you could, off course, deactivate the beta extension after you’re done importing the map, so you don’t have to “suffer” the pin

Lol, all true. Hopefully something that can be fixed once it moves out of beta. Thanks for the response

We added the ability to remember the true north visibility and deployed that on 19th Jan so you shouldn’t have seen that behaviour recently @ltbrown

Remembering the location pin visibility required some more fundamental changes to the extension and is now implemented for the next release of the SketchUp 2024 beta program if you’re part of that, and is therefore also going to be in the 2024 release.

Hope that helps!

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Hi Guys,

I have been using the add location from labs on a few projects and like it a lot better than the regular Geo Location. Good work to the Labs team. I had the little icon show up and it took a minute to find it in the view menu. But it would come back. I recently found it is also in the Overlay Tray. That turns it off and keeps it off. Just an FYI.

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