Remove construction lines (in Layout)?

Is there a way to remove or toggle off construction lines in Layout?

If not I guess the way round is to create a new style without them as standard, in Sketchup, then use this style in Layout. Or is there an easier way?

Thanks in Advance

Anything wrong with erasing them in SketchUp? No point in keeping them once they’ve served their purpose.

They don’t show if you render in Vector in LO.

Okay thanks. I use them alot and have them all over my models, so end up being intrusive visually once I get to the ‘rendering stage’ and if I want to change styles they always toggle back on. I guess it’ll force me to finally create a separate style without them toggled on.

Why don’t they show in Vector? Something to do with the angle of the dangle?

They aren’t vector edges in SketchUp. they are a raster thing. How can you stand to work on your model with old guide lines cluttering the view? Edit>Delete Guides will clean them up. I have a keyboard shortcut for that. I suppose you could just make a layer for guides and turn off that layer in scenes where you don’t want them.

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