[Release Notes] Browser Search no longer works

Problematic URL: SketchUp Desktop 2021.0 | SketchUp Help

Description of the Issue: Browser Search no longer works for Release Notes

Selected Version of SketchUp: SketchUp 2018

Selected Operating System: Windows

Using Chrome: 67.0.3396.87 (Official Build) (64-bit)

CTRL+F no longer finds anything at all if all version sections are collapsed.

If you know a certain keyword appears in a specific release, you can expand that one release and re-search and then get search hits.

If you have no idea what release version to target, or wish to search them all, … you have the daunting tasks of manually expanding 26 sections !

Suggest: A expand all “+” or “>>” button just above the top right corner of the block of version sections.

Other than that the page looks nicer.

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This is fancy technology just for the sake of fancy technology. Instead of collapsed content and arrow buttons and stuff, can we please just have a clear header hierarchy and one continuous text body?

I might just have to expand all once and then copy the page to a local file for searching.

Whoopsie! Can’t do this (ie, expand all at once.)

These new “expanders” are grouped like radio buttons, and only one out of the group can be expanded at a time. All others are automatically collapsed.

I’m going to end up having to edit the DOM using the Chrome Dev Tools, and then save a local HTML file.

@jody This is (in practice) not an improvement for the end-user !

There must be a better way. A wiki framework. Something searchable that allows better organization and is easier for the end-user to find information. (Especially developers.)

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