Reinstall Sketchup Make 2017 but file only allows repair or removal

My current version of SU Make 2017 is corrupted and I am trying to reinstall it. I downloaded the file from Downloading older versions | SketchUp Help

Here are the file details.


*After opening the file as an admin, the wizard only allows you to:
1) Change the way Sketchup Make 2017 (64 Bit) features are installed on your computer, or
2) To remove it from your computer.


After clicking “Next” the following window appears without an option to install Sketchup Make.


So how do I reinstall Sketchup Make 2017?? What am I missing?

Thanks in advance for help :slight_smile:

Did you try the Repair option? It is meant just for situations like this. If it doesn’t help, you can then try removing, cleaning up the debris, and reinstalling.