Regarding tutoring in LayOut

Hello all,

I was wondering if anyone here is able to suggest a tutor (himself or an individual he is acquainted with) that teaches Layout in a one on one fashion.

I am coming from the field of acoustics (“Small room acoustics” primarily) and I have got to the point where I have finished designing and modelling a studio for a client.
Now, it is time to contact the contractor and present him with a set of construction documents.
My necessities, as opposed to the majority of architects, structural/civil engineers etc… is that the set of plans are focusing mostly on already built rooms and the design itself is a mere addition to that space.
Nevertheless, it is essential that I would present readable and coherent plans for the sake of preventing any form of confusion amongst the involved parties.

I am aware that the best proposition would be studying architecture at school (which is a consideration of mine) but leaving the diploma aside, I could hope that some tutors (practicing architects/engineers) would be capable of directing me via online tutoring sessions.

My goal, in essence, is to have someone who could assist me with understanding the keys of a conventional blueprints/construction documents writing and combine that with the current project I am working on.

If there are any studio designers/acousticians here which are using Layout and are interested I’d be delighted to learn from you!

I’ll admit that I am quite new to Layout (upgraded to Pro last month) but I am already practicing it very often expanding my knowledge of it.

Other offers would also be highly appreciated!

Thank you!

Hopefully you’ll find some individuals you can learn with.

In the meantime, here are a couple of resources that may help:

SketchUp Campus

Home -

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SketchUp Essentials

Click my profile. Visit my website if you are interested. One on one via Zoom.

Otherwise use all the free resources available first.

I appreciate the feedback.
I’ve been trying to avoid online courses, as in pre-made course which touches on a variety of subjects and focus more on a practical way of learning - this is why I believe in one on one sessions.
But I do appreciate the suggestions!

Hey Mike!
Should I contact you via the “Contact” tab on your site?
I would love to hear more about what you offer.
Expect an email from me soon.

More suggestions are still relevant!